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Online marketplace for fresh vegetables & Fruits

We are fresh vegetables & fruits supplier that operating in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our business focus is to supply fresh vegtalbes & fruits to grocer, restaurateu, & various businesses. Of course, we also welcome order from individual.  

convenience & effortless

You are just back from your restaurant after a gruelling 14 – 16 hours of work and you realised that you need to change your order.

With Tanny.io, all your orders & invoices are securely stored, changing your order is just a few clicks away. Now that’s what I call piece of cake! 🙂


freshness you can taste

Different from traditional supplier, we do not keep stock. What it means is that the vegetables you received reaches our collection point in less than 24 hours. 

This is how we ensure you can have the freshest vegetables at your disposal.


Not every “Vegetables” are “grown” the same. To maximise yield, most supplier will blend vegetables of different condition/grade. 

To ensure our customer get the best ingredients, we ensure only the best reaches your kitchen.  

Our marketplace

The best way to experience our wide range of fresh Vegetables is to visit our marketplace. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing ingredient to create your masterpiece.

Dear Restaurateur & Businesses,
We deliver to Klang Valley now! 🙂

Give us a shot to see how we can improve quality of your ingredient,  save you the time and hassle to sourcing so you can focus on the running your restaurant business.

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