We pride ourselves to be one of the leading fruits and vegetable supplier in Klang Valley. Our goal is to provide quality fruits and vegetables at affordable price to our customers.

We welcome individual person/company/restaurant/café/etc to place order to us either via online or leave us a message in here

The Problem


If the ingredients are fresh, even an average chef can create mouth watering dishes.

To ensure low cost, most suppliers buy in bulk. If you are a big food chain, you can get fresh ingredients. 

But what about other restaurateur? Most have to choose between Lower Quality or Spent more Time to source yourselves.


Growing takes time. 

A typical hydroponic grown leaf vegetables takes around 45 days to 60 days to harvest. However, it can only last for less than 5 days. 

Hence, to ensure the Farmers get paid, they have to sell to who ever willing to place advance bulk orders even at unfavourable prices.

At Tanny.io, we leverage the latest available technology to eliminate these inefficiency. We aspire to provide the best ingredient to Restaurateur & at the same time bring sustainable demand to Farmers.

Freshness you can taste. Value you can trust

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